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What is CMap

One of the main difficulties for the analysis of centrifugal compressors operative performances comes from the fact that usually expected performances are described in terms of graphs of discharge pressures, discharge temperatures, polytrophic heads, efficiencies and absorbed power vs flow, related to the design inlet gas conditions, i.e. gas mix composition, inlet pressure and temperature.

However compressor actual performances are strictly related to actual field inlet gas condition that often are different from design ones.
The comparison of field measurements to expected values becomes than complicated because the expected performances need to be adjusted to the actual suction field conditions.

CMAP software allows, starting from the reference performances, to predict centrifugal compressor performances in actual conditions and comparison to design measured ones. This capabilities will be useful for diagnostic purposes, as well for machine protection purposes.

The execution of this evaluation is quite complex and requires the availability of calculation algorithms able to predict both machine behavior and real gas thermodynamic properties under different operative conditions.

The current practice today is based on simplified theories. These simplified theories become progressively more approximate, especially when approaching the high pressures range where introduced errors do not allow to provide enough accurate predictions for more severe applications.
This cause a lack of analytical support capability for evaluation of machine healthy and performances and a consequent lack of support for maintenance decision making.

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CMAP allows to overcome this problems using rigorous calculation and implementing the most modern thermodynamic theories and machine models without limiting approximations. It provides also to the centrifugal compressor analyst or industry user a powerful and easy tool to predict the machine performances under different operative conditions.

It allows also some additional tasks useful to compare centrifugal compressor expected/design performances with field data measured ones. Analysts and engineers that use CMAP will have all quantitative information about machine status necessary to define diagnostic strategies and maintenance activities.

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